Linky Goodness – 7/7/2008

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Early retirement is a false idol
From 37Signals, Justin Bell writes that you shouldn’t sacrifice your entire life now for a shot at an early retirement. Enjoy life now, as you’re living it.

Dropping bombs in the newsroom
The newspaper industry really has to reinvent itself. More on this later.

Mom-and-Pop Multinationals
Interesting article from Business Week on how small business owners are taking advantage of global outsourcing. Many good ideas.

I’m thought about using some of these services since reading The Four-Hour Workweek. I’ll see if I can use any of them this fall as I’m going all-out towards launch.

How to analyze and improve the bounce rate for your website
Very good article on a very important topic. I’m trying to build a model for one of my clients on this.

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